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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Entry

First Entry: If you wanna read this blog then you must know me and who i am. My name is Charles and I Love music, singing and just the whole idea of creativity so if you want to read some odd-ball stuff then stick around.
Today I had a "blast" at school hahahaha NOT! anyways I was bored most of the day and Had nothing to do. This blog will be full of life lessons but the only thing I learned today is, Don't Tell your Spanish Teacher ( Yo Embarisado) It means I'm pregnant. And People matter Even if they suck. I know we wish they don't, but they do sadly. So Tomorrow try and talk to someone new and you may like it, you also may not, hahahaha.Good songs 4 u to look up are
1.Super massive black hole-Muse
2.If i had a million dollars-Bare naked ladies
3."Ill Love you forever"-Audio Summer
4.Doomsday clock-smashing pumpkins
5.Sister Christian-Night Ranger

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