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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To fill u in

OK before you read stuff you must know the teachers the Good and Bad and the inbetwix
In order of schedule
Mrs. Middleton: Math teacher, kind good and fun, She Likes card games and suduku puzzles she has three kids Ethan,Cortney,and Shelby.
(On Tuesday and Thursday) Mr.Dodson: Choir Teacher He is fun and likes to sing, But don't be late or he will show you that you don't like him when he's angry.
(on Wed. and Fri.)Mr Jonson:Percussion teacher Loves to have fun he enjoys instruments, Also loves laughing @ people's mistakes =)
Mr. Ton: English and spelling teacher, Not many people like him but i do he is one of my faves, HE is fun but like Mr Dodson he ain't afraid to get angry.
Mr Murry(Spanish mode): Spanish teacher, Loves being fun and teaching us fun little phrases to say.
Mr. Murry(Bible mode): Bible teacher strict "take notes and pay attention" or you will regret it He likes to study and loves to give LONG memory work.
Mr. Lazure: History/Govt./Geography(busy right?) HE likes to have fun gives a lot of choice on if we want to do stuff, and thankfully he does not like homework.
Mr Regan: Science, "Fun fun fun" Let's just say HE is big on book work and loves forcing us through the chapters orally ugh.

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